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I’m celebrating losing 28 pounds!

Achieving your Weight Loss Goal with Ease Using Ideal Protein Plan and EFT/Hypnosis

According to the video, Hungry for Change, sugar is the cocaine of the food world. Americans on average are eating 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. Our body searches for fats and sugars based on our engineering from our ancestors. We are programmed to hold onto the weight. You are what you eat, drink and think.

The biggest problem is addiction to foods because of the additives and chemicals in the food. There was a study about MSG which showed it makes you want to eat more because it excites your brain. In this study mice that were thin were fed MSG and the rats that ate MSG became fat. MSG is in 80% of modern day foods.

I tried various meal programs and weight loss programs with little results to match up with the Emotional Freedom Technique and Hypnosis for losing weight. And then through a Health Fair I was participating in, I was introduced to the Ideal Protein Program and Coco Melchiarre, who is an amazing Weight Loss Coach.
Coco celebrates your success with you each week as you get measured and weigh in. She also encourages you when you haven’t lost as much as you thought you should. She also makes sure you understand the best ways to use the Ideal Protein Products and sends videos about the program to you every day. She is always available for questions and is invested in your success.

The food on the Ideal Protein program is very good to the palate. There is a great variety of options. My favorites are the Chocolate Chip pancakes, Chocolate drink, Barbeque Chips, Cookie Dough bars, Lemon bars, and Broccoli Cheese soup.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol that results in fat loss while sparing muscle mass.

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I used the Emotional Freedom Technique, which is tapping on acupuncture points and hypnosis to take away any negative feelings about the change in diet (feeling deprived), withdrawal from sugar, and to focus my energy on seeing my body at a new size. When I used the tapping along with the Ideal Protein plan I was able to let go of the weight and food focus (am I losing fast enough) and instead focus on seeing my new fit and trim body which is now in focus. You can do it too if you START N O W!

Contact me to partner with you on letting go of the emotional drivers, letting go of any limiting beliefs around eating and focus on a new fit and trim body.

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