Creating Abundance in Your Life


Abundance is just a state of allowing all the good that you have asked for (created by your thought, words, beliefs, feelings and expectations) to come into you.  It does not require doing.  It does not require hard work.  It does not require you to be something that you are not or go to a job you dislike.

You are a spirit being and abundance is all around you at all times.  It is the same as taking a drop of water out of the ocean.  The ocean does not cease to exist after you have taken a drop out of the water, it is continuous as the waves are continuous flowing in and flowing out.

Flowing in, flowing out, that is the same with abundance in your life – its flowing in, flowing out.  As you trust the Divine, God, Source you are letting go of all the trappings of civilization that says you have to work hard.  That says you don’t deserve it unless you work hard and are persistent.   You can let all of that go.

Right here, right now where you are you can let go and know that abundance is flowing to you at all times from the deepest recesses of your soul.  You are abundance in all forms.  It is always around you and with you and there is no need to be concerned or worry about where it will come from because it will just show up for you.

You ask and you receive.  You ask and you receive.  You ask and you receive.  Just imagine the money coming in, feel it coming in.  Feel blessed with the abundance that is coming in to you.  Feel blessed by the abundance you already have.  You can continue to do your work and let the abundance just flow in.  No worries, no concerns.  Just let it flow in like the raindrops from the sky.  You don’t ask how they will come or when they will come, you just accept that raindrops will come.  You can do the same with abundance.  Just relax, relax and let go of all your worries and concerns. 

You are always in an attraction state and as you raise your vibration and open up to divine source it easily flows into you and you easily manifest it.  All you need to do is be in that state of love and light, offering yourself up for the money to flow into you. 

Abundance is everywhere present now.  It is just a form of energy.  You can attract it easily by asking and letting go, allowing and receiving all in one easy step.  Just let it come in.  Allow it to come in.  You are always provided for.  Be in the light of love in all things and you will transform yourself and everything around you.

John: 10:10  I came that they may have life and that they might have it more abundantly.   

EFT process for creating free money:

Starting at the eyebrow point tap 3-5 times lightly with fingertips, saying I easily see money coming to me.

Go to the side of the eye and tap 3-5 times lightly with fingertips, saying I easily manifest free money coming to me.

Go to under the eye and tap 3-5 times lightly with fingertips, saying I know I easily manifest money day or night.

Go to under the nose and tap 3-5 times lightly with fingertips, saying I feel so excited about how easily I manifest money coming to me.

Go to under the collarbone points and tap 3-5 times lightly with fingertips, saying I am so happy that I easily receive free money whether day or night.

Next grab your wrist with the other hand, take a nice deep breath in and out and release the wrist and say peace.  Close your eyes and vision money coming to you easily and effortlessly.   Repeat until you know you will be receiving money


My results from Tapping for Abundance – I celebrate my abundance!

  • I had a credit on my electric bill of $45.
  • I had a credit on my phone bill of $15.
  • I received a stock check in the mail.
  • My mortgage payment went down.
  • I got reimbursed on my escrow.
  • When I was checking out at the grocery store, the cashier told me if I spent 50 cents more she could use a coupon worth $10 off.
  • I went to the grocery store to use a gift card that had $79 on it.  I had a list of things I needed to buy.  As I shopped I changed the list as usual, dropping some items off and adding other items.   I did not keep track of the cost of the items but kept thinking I can only spend $79.  When I checked out of the store my total was $78.99!  Yes the universe will use humor in your manifestations.
  • I manifested retirement money from a job I had for six years in the 90s.
  • I went with a friend to the horse track and we manifested nine winning tickets.

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