Are you experiencing Acute or Persistent Pain?

Are you experiencing Intense Emotional Issues that keep you from Living the Life of your Dreams?

Do You Feel As Though You Have Tried Every Technique and Therapy, Without Finding Relief?

Don’t despair! An exciting new therapy combining the ancient healing art of acupuncture with emerging mind/body science can help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you desire.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a gentle, non-invasive, needle-free and extremely effective natural healing system that often works when nothing else will! EFT yields fast results without the need for special equipment or years of talk therapy and can be applied quickly to alleviate the emotional trauma and sensitive or painful feelings and memories stored in the body and mind.

EFT will bring relief to your body and mind: allowing you to release the pain, tap into self-healing systems, and restore your energy to optimum balance.

EFT is safe and effective and works well for adults, teens and children without side effects. Typicallyresults are achieved during the first session and are usually permanent.

Symptoms and causes alleviated by the Emotional Freedom Technique include:

Back pain   ●    Migraines and Headaches    ●    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Thyroid issues   ●   Allergies   ●   Depression   ●   Cancer   ●   Asthma   ● Arthritis
Trauma   ●   Fears and Phobias   ●   Panic Attacks   ●   Addictions   ●   Abuse
Stress and Anxiety   ●   Unresolved Anger   ●   Relationship difficulties   ●   Grief
Performance blocks   ●   Financial distress   ●   Procrastination   ●   Low self-esteem

Non-invasive, Safe, Effective and Lasting!
There Is Really Nothing Else Quite Like It.

EFT transforms lives through a unique approach of psychological acupuncture – combining the principles of mind/body medicine and acupuncture to produce rapid, life changing results where nothing else has worked.

EFT resolves negative emotions by balancing the energy system and shifts visual memories to provide relief from challenges, problems and physical symptoms. When emotional issues are dealt with and blockages removed, the physical issues improve or fade away.

Results achieved with EFT:

•    Handle challenges with confidence!
•    Release chronic illness and pain!
•    Increase confidence and self-image!
•    Triumph over traumatic memories!
•    Conquer fears, stress and overwhelm!
•    Manage procrastination, negative self-image and fear of failure, just to name a few!
•    Completely transform your life painlessly, quickly, and

You are just one step away from living the life you desire with renewed energy, enthusiasm and motivation.  Enjoy relationships, career advancement, healthy lifestyle, and achieve abundance.