Weight Loss Hypnosis

Healthy Weight Loss Hypnosis u0026amp; EFT Program

Sick of Struggling With The Same Issues Over and Over Again?

Is It Time To Finally Let Go Of The Emotional And Physical Issues That Are Holding You Back? 

Learn EXACTLY How From
Sherry Hardt, Personal Improvement Coach

The Emotional Freedom Technique or Meridian Tapping is a new discovery that combines Ancient Chinese Acupressure using the fingertips and Modern Psychology with startling results.

EFT and Hypnosis will speed up the ability to change habits, beliefs, and behaviors related to food cravings and addictions.  This program will help you get to the underlying causes of being overweight, improve body image, eliminate sabotage behaviors and emotional eating.

In this Healthy Weight Loss Hypnosis u0026amp; EFT program:

•    Learn one simple technique to eliminate insatiable cravings which will empower you to succeed.
•    Learn to uncover your limiting beliefs and release them to speed up your weight loss.
•    Learn to fire up your metabolism to easily release unwanted pounds.
•    Learn to release subliminal messages from family, friends and the media that delay your success
•    Learn to use the law of attraction to change habits, beliefs and visualize success.
•    Learn to reprogram and balance mind/body to a healthy weight image.