Invitation to Wholeness Energy Process

Invitation to Wholeness is an energy process that allows for reintegration of all the lost fragments of your self. This process reactivates and reconnects the Axiatonal Meridians. This will then allow you to reconnect to your soul and feel, know, and experience guidance from your Soul.

What is Axiatonal Energy?

Axiatonal energy is high vibrational energy that flows through a grid called the Axiatonal Grid, which connects all levels of Creation. When you consciously fragmented parts of your Self, the Axiatonal Meridians were disconnected from this grid and they became dormant.


When connected to this grid, Axiatonal energy flows into your Axiatonal Meridians and acts as energy gateways, which allows for greater knowledge from Spirit to propel you on your life path.


This Invitation to Wholeness energy process is provided above the body as the client lies on a massage table or sits in a chair.  This high vibrational energy comes from Spirit into the Practitioner’s hands and opens up the Axiatonal Meridians in the body. Clients’ experiences are unique depending on their intentions but all experience deep relaxation and peace.  


Experiences from Clients

  • Deep confirmation of life path and she became a minister within a year
  • Abundance coming in from business
  • Difficult family relationship issue totally resolved and able to visit at Christmas
  • Pain in knee for six weeks suddenly gone
  • Finding their dream house and negotiating great deals – 2 clients
  • Ability to leave job and take on expanded role
  • Published book in two months that had been in process for 3 years
  • Ankle locked in place suddenly unlocked
  • Elderly woman who was shut in for 5 years was able to go outside and visit family for Christmas