I went to Sherry for a tapping and hypnosis session for quitting smoking. After years of trying on my own to quit, I finally realized that I needed help. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went in for my appointment.  I was pleasantly surprised. Sherry was such a sweet lady who listened to me, answered questions, and taught me a lot.  I’m proud to say after just one session I left there and never picked up a cigarette again. Would definitely recommend to anybody who needs help with lifestyle changes.  

                                                                                          Juliet, Florida


Emotional Trauma


Thank you for helping me over a really hard time in my life. I’m working on letting the past go. I’ve been listening to the MP3 you sent me. I always thought I slept well but now I’m sleeping much better and I am more peaceful. I’m feeling so much happier and life is good with only one session. I’m so impressed. Can’t wait for another session.

Harriett, Florida

Weight Loss


Hypnosis and EFT gave me easy willpower! I have lost 21 pounds in 4 weeks.  

U.K., Florida 

Binging and Purging

For the first time in my life I drove to Publix to get binge food, fully intending to follow through and left!  I decided to try tapping first and did it in my car in the parking lot and went home! Unbelievable!

D.L., Florida

Pain and Stiffness

As we were discussing in our last session using a combination of EFT and hypnosis I have had a major release of pain from a car accident 2 years ago.  My head on the left side felt like there was a rock in it.  Of course everyone thinks the worst, maybe it’s a brain tumor etc. but after one session that feeling went away.  I was amazed and have since had 2 more sessions to work on other issues like being on time and not procrastinating.  Other deeper issues like my Mother’s transition at the age of 85, selling her home, moving in with me, etc. are also coming into play.