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You have the power to heal Yourself

Decrease stress, fear, pain, cravings and addiction by activating the healing power of your mind 

change your Mind

Anger, Study Skills, Mental Health,
Focus/concentration, Improve memory, Procrastination
Depression, Panic disorder, Confidence

change your Body

Weight Loss
Insomnia, Teeth grinding,
Excercise motivation, Increase metabolism

Change your Life

Emotional Health
Job promotion, Interviews, Financial issues, Family issues
Inability to relax, Relationship issues, Work environment,
Sports/Corporate/Academic Performance

Are YOU ready to go the next level of

Sessions in EFT, Hypnosis & Hypnotapping



Hypnosis or Tapping Session-90 min: $150

Ask Sherry About EFT Certification Classes: (561) 714-9513